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Kamusta Kaibigan?

Do you want teach your kids about the Philippines but didn't grow up there?

Are you an immigrant raising your kids outside of the Philippines far from family and friends?

Are you looking for ways to help your kids connect and be proud of their Philippine heritage?

Don't worry, we got you covered.

With our easy activities, books and blog posts, we'll get you up to date on what kids need to know about our country, our people, and our culture.

Salamat sa iyong pagdalaw!

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What our happy campers are saying

"It's very well put together and flows very well. I enjoyed reading the pops of Filipino history and trivia throughout the booklet, and the engaging activities for kids and families to learn more about the Filipino culture. It's much needed for sure because there is so little out there to delve deeper into Filipino roots, especially in a kid-friendly format. I like how it's personal for each family as well, with the interview questions and the ability to discover more about one's family history. This would be wonderful whether in a cultural class or within the family unit or shared among relatives."

Michele, Fil-Am Learners

I wanted this, I just wanted this! Are you excited? Why? Because I want to learn more Tagalog!

Elise, Hong Kong (6 years old)

"Congratulations on another amazing book! When you first told me about it, I was very excited. There is are hardly any Filipino books out there and especially activity books like this one and it's so wonderful to have something tangible to share and work through with Sofia and August. Thank you for creating this. 🙂"

Michelle, Boston, USA

"The book is perfect! It got loads of different things to enjoy and I think it's for all ages as well, especially for those who want to learn about our culture. so not only Pinoys can enjoy it as it is also in English explanations."

Sherry, @pinaymuminaustria

"I love the incorporation of the five senses, as I am an advocate for mindfulness and this approach is helpful in practicing present moment self-awareness. - I actually learned something new. I was not aware about the term "belen," outside of having a Tita Belen"

Joy Fransisco, Author of Little Yellow Jeepney

What a beautiful book. Maia and I love it. We will surely get quality bonding time over this. I love the simplicity and the illustrations. It also leaves lots of openings for Pinoy parents to share stories of their Christmas memories to kids. A great way for expatriated or multi-culture families to touch base with Philippine traditions.

Jana, Thailand

"Bravo! Bring on the nostalgia - I'm sure Pinoy parents will so enjoy sharing all the book's details to their kids, plus adding their own traditions. I like how it's organized and the variety of activities."

Nikki, Pittsburgh, USA

"We thoroughly enjoyed our first Campfire Crate! It worked for our family--my 4yo and I worked on the simpler tambourine while my husband and 8yo worked on the more challenging parol. The Santa in a barong ornament brought a much-longed for Christmas feel to our Sydney tree, while the activity booklet had good activity and discussion prompts. Can't wait for the next box!"

Danna, Australia

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