• Welcome to Campfire Crates!

Welcome to Campfire Crates!

Dear Fellow Multicultural Parents,

Thank you for visiting Campfire Crates! 

We are Camille, Cricket & Crisela and we are moms of multicultural kids.

We are on a mission to help our children be proud of their roots, celebrate their heritage, and learn more about cultures and themselves.

We hope our crates become the modern campfire in which your family can gather ‘round to pass on art, ideas, and knowledge of their mother cultures.

Thank you for joining us in our little passion project and helping us form a community raising a generation of multicultural kids who will make a difference in the world.


Hands on Projects

Kid-friendly crafts that bring cultural themes to life. More

Stories that Feature Diversity

Our stories are told through the eyes of multicultural characters, just like your kids! More

Family Activities

Each box has curated family activities that are conveniently integrated into your daily routines. More

Happy Campers

"We thoroughly enjoyed our first Campfire Crate! It worked for our family--my 4yo and I worked on the simpler tambourine while my husband and 8yo worked on the more challenging parol. The Santa in a barong ornament brought a much-longed for Christmas feel to our Sydney tree, while the activity booklet had good activity and discussion prompts. Can't wait for the next box!"

Danna Hew

Resources for raising multicultural kids