How To Use This Crate

Campfire Crates is designed to help you build your child’s Cultural Identity.

We have employed open-ended qualities to the materials to help you recreate and represent your heritage culture in a variety of ways. It will allow your child to explore their skin diverse characteristics. And most importantly, it gives them an opportunity to represent who they are.

These materials are meant to:

  • inspire meaningful play experiences
  • help children learn about each other and respect differences
  • Help children construct a knowledgeable and confident self-identity

Where do I start?

  1. Read the magazine and learn more about the celebration
  2. Do the craft activities and create artifacts of your cultural heritage at home
  3. Post the activity planner on your fridge and try an activity a week!

Spark Culture Magazine [conversation and representation] 

Our Spark Culture magazine provides knowledge in fun ways to help you find ways to learn or remember more about celebrations, language, music, and daily rituals and routines of your heritage culture to give you more confidence to share with your children. 

Look for the tips and example questions we have throughout our materials to give you ideas to start conversations with your child about specific topics.

How do these crafts help my children’s learning?

Craft guide [Multisensory Experiences and Curiosity]

Children use their senses to explore the world. These crafts were designed to be multisensory experiences so children can actively engage. In creating these crafts with you, your children use their imagination, creativity, and problem-solving skills while exploring their cultural heritage. 

Here are some ways you/us parents can make the most of these craft activities and Spark! Creativity :)

The craft is a fun way to build on the visible artifacts of your cultural heritage at home. When you are done with making the craft, encourage your child to continue to use the craft during play and you can also remember to refer to the craft to continue cultural conversations with your child.

How can I fit other cultural activities into my busy schedule?

Planner [Context and convenience]  

In engaging them in cultural learning, we help them build connections and relationships that prepare them for the future. Use the planner we provide as inspiration to do one of these activities throughout the week. We have included activity suggestions of varying lengths, from 5 to 30 minutes, so that you can make decisions on what to do based on your busy, ever-changing schedules. 

We have designed prompts that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. Don’t feel the pressure to do everything all at once. 

Its small things, every day. Children find great comfort in the rituals they share with their families and help provide a sense of continuity.