Hello! I’m Camille and I am a Filipina mom of 2 multicultural boys (they are Filipino-American growing up in Singapore). Filipino food is an obsession and my favorite Filipino word is gigil. I spent the last 14 years making documentaries for major TV broadcasters and am now creating kids content for the online world. 

When I became pregnant with my son 4 years ago, I went in search of resources to help me teach him about his Filipino roots and found that there weren’t very many that were of good quality and were all in one place.

So I thought, “why don’t I take my experience in making content to create some of my own?”.

So, together with some fellow multicultural moms, we created Campfire Crates, a convenient, consistent, community-driven way to build your child’s cultural identity.

We do this through our subscription boxes and activity books filled with stories and activities that the whole family can do together.

Our hope is that we can become a gathering place where people can come together and pass on art, ideas, and knowledge from one generation to the next.