What Songs Do You Sing During Children's Day In Japan?

The best holidays always have music, song and dance as part of the celebrations. During Children's Day in Japan, they sing a song about the Koinobori, the carp flag they fly to represent the family.  Learn how to sing a popular children's song for Children's Day in Japan!

やねよりたかい こいのぼり
ya ne yori takai koi nobori 
Koinoboi is swimming in the sky.
ōkī magoi wa otōsan 
Big one is Dad
小さいひごいは こどもたち
chīsai higoi wa kodomo-tachi 
Small one is children
omoshi-sō ni oyoi deru. 
They are swimming happily.


Learning the song is enough to spark fun but we learn best when we learn from stories.

Try adding another layer to your child's experience by using these prompts to help you tell your own Children's Day story to your child:

  • Did you learn this song as a child?
  • Where were you when you first heard it?
  • What sights, sounds and smells do you remember? 

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