What food do you eat to celebrate Children's Day in Japan?

children's day food kashiwamochi chimaki

What is a celebration without some indulgent food? And Children's Day in Japan is no exception. 

Kashiwa Mochi

Is a treat children have to celebrate Kodomo no Hi. It's a sticky rice cake stuffed with bean paste and wrapped in oak leaves. Because the Japanese Emperor oak leaves don't wither and stay green even in the winter, they represent force, endurance, and manliness.

To get the recipe, visit Just One Cookbook, Easy Japanese Recipes recipe for Kashiwa Mochi here.


Families cook chimaki during Kodomo no Hi. It is a rice cake made out of steamed sticky rice and wrapped in a bamboo leaf. Chi represents cleverness. Another trait that parents wich their children to have. 

Around the time of Children's Day, you will find sweet Chiimaki sold in supermarkets and shops. 

To find out how to make it at home, head over to The Spruce Eats' wonderful article about Chimaki. 

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