What are Celebrate Crates?

Who doesn't love a good party? 

Celebrate national holidays around the world with your family.

Learn about a country’s culture and traditions, songs and dances, food and games. 

Bring the whole family ‘round the campfire and have a party!

As with each of our boxes, our aim is to make the 3 Cs happen:


Spark conversation with your children about how these holidays are celebrated and why they are important in your culture. Tell them stories of how you celebrated it when you were young and find ways to mark these celebrations in your own family today.


Spark your child's curiosity about themselves and where they come from. It is important to build a child's cultural identity to help him or her find their own unique place in the world. We hope our boxes and the activities we provide will help you explore this with your child and inspire them to find out more about themselves.


At Campfire Crates, we celebrate all cultures big and small, giving emphasis to minority cultures. We want to make sure that our cultures are represented and have a voice.

We also celebrate the things that make us unique but also aim to bridge the divide of our perceived differences. A lot of the fear of the other comes from the lack of understanding of where people who are different from us come from, their stories, their traditions, and beliefs.

We hope that our boxes can provide you with a way to share that with the people around sparking conversation, curiosity and community in your little part of the world.




Photos by Joy Anne Pura from Pexels, Pineapple Supply Co. on UnsplashAlaric Sim on Unsplash

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