Taiwan Spark Guide: Tzuwen

To make sure that we do our job in helping you build your child’s cultural identity as authentically as possible, we work with our international Spark Guides. They are a team of inspiring cultural ambassadors who are passionate about celebrating their culture with the world!

Let us introduce you to Tzuwen, our Taiwan Spark Guide.


Tzuwen is from Taiwan and has two daughters, 8 and 4.  She lives in Fremont, California, and likes kids and taking care of people. She has a major in Early Childhood Education and used to be a kindergarten teacher in her hometown. Today, she runs Mandarin Mommy and Me classes, teaching Mandarin through play, stories, music, and STEAM activities.

What is your experience in teaching children?

I was a kindergarten teacher for six years in Taiwan. Now, I own a studio
” Mandarin Mommy and Me.” My students are 2 to 5 years old kids and their parents, we play games, story, sing, dance, do STEAM activities to learn Mandarin. The most special is that we do a lot of Chinese Festivals to introduce our culture to kids.

What is your advice on instilling a culture in a home?

Culture is what we say, what we do, the way we think, so the culture is who I am. I really recommend parents talk with kids and enjoy family time. For the little kids, the traditional food and the story could feed their tummies and brains, so please celebrate the traditional Festivals. They will enjoy it.

What makes you passionate about your culture and why do you want to share it with the world?

I’m living in the USA, there is a cultural melting pot. When people meet each other the first time, the first question would be the name, the following question normally is ”where are you from?” even my Second-grade daughter, she also has to introduce where she is from. Therefore, I realize to share my culture could let people know more about us that only the country's name.

What do you hope to achieve by being a Campfire Crate Spark Guide?

I would like to know more ways to introduce culture and learn more about other cultures.

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