Philippines Spark Activity Book Extensions & Answer Keys


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What is a Spark Activity Book?

Be your child’s cultural life skill builder by challenging your child to solve puzzles, play games, tell stories, and use their imagination with things connected to the Philippines.

Give their brain a boost while learning all about their culture!

What is in it?

Quiet Games

Activities for times when you need things to be quiet, you can help your child practice their focus and self-control and make connections

Maybe add photos of these? Coconut, habitat matching

Storytelling and Imaginative play

Activities for the times when your child has a lot to share and can learn more about communicating and perspective taking

Halo-Halo, Menu

Sound and movement games

Activities when your child has a lot of energy and is ready to take on challenges and think critically

Sawsaw Suka, Simon Says


How to use this book

The different activities in this book are designed to help your child learn more about their cultural heritage by using places, animals, food, and transportation from our featured country.  Your child can follow their interests and choose to explore a culture through storytelling, imaginative play, sound, movement, and quiet play. 

How does this book help my children’s learning?

Inspiration for these activities was taken from the 7 Essential Life Skills by Ellen Galinsky. These 7 life skills (1) focus and self-control (2) perspective taking (3) communicating (4) making connections (5) critical thinking (6) taking on challenges and (7) self-directed, engaged learning build children’s ability to manage their thoughts, actions, and emotions to achieve goals, which is also known as Executive Function. For example, matching and sorting games provide opportunities for children to practice focus and self-control and make connections. To learn more about the 7 life skills and executive functioning, visit

The advantage of multicultural education on Executive Function 

Studies have shown that cultural experiences and learning multiple languages have measurable effects on a child’s executive function. Higher executive function skills have been linked to success in academics and daily life, such as health and wealth in adulthood, and have been show to be even more important than IQ for future success.


Page-based Extension Activities and Answer Keys 


Level 1: find the opposite on the other page
Level 2: see if you can say the opposite of the picture (as shown in this video)
For ingredients and instructions on how to make Halo-Halo, click here.
 Download pretend Pesos here.
Tong tong tong pakitong kitong 
Alimango, sa dagat
Malaki at masarap
Mahirap hulihin
Sapagkat nangangagat
Click here to learn the song
Answer key:
Butanding - Ocean, Tarsier - Mangrove, Kalaw - Rainforest,
Tamaraw - Field, Buwaya - River/ Lake
*Click on the links to find out more about these animals you can find in the Philippines! (Videos to follow)
Check out Alpabeto ng Kalikasan for  a one-of-a-kind alphabet book that features Philippine flora and fauna from A to Z.
Learn the Coconut song here
And see what a bunot looks like!
Tarsiers are one of the smallest primates in the world and can only be found on the island of Bohol in the Philippines. They are gentle, nocturnal creatures. Find out more here.

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