Games Filipino Kids Play: Langit Lupa

Kids playing Filipino game Langit Lupa






Langit Lupa is a twist on a running around game where one is considered taya or untouchable if they are in an elevated place. The taya then chants a rhyme and at the end of it, everyone must run to a new elevated position while avoiding being tagged by the taya.


 1. The taya is determined through sudden death Jack En Poy (Rock, Paper, Scissors) match-ups. Person who loses the last game is the taya.

2. All players run to elevated positions

3. Taya chants

Langit, lupa impyerno, im - im - impyerno

Sak-sak puso tulo ang dugo

Patay, buhay, Umalis ka Na Sa pwesto Mo!

(ok, kinda gruesome but so is the meaning of Ring around the Rosy. You can invent your own rhyme in your home language.)

4. At the end of the chant, everyone must run to new positions and the taya must tag someone. The tagged player now becomes the taya.

5. And repeat!






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