Filipinos in the City: Hong Kong

Hong Kong

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This is me and my little family of three (soon to be four!). We’ve been in Hong Kong for four years. 

Hong Kong has long been a favorite haunt for many Filipinos. An easy 1.5 hour flight away, it has always been stuff of Chinese legend, Peking Duck and shopping. I first stepped foot here 20+ years ago on a family holiday and have spent time here for a few projects. Little did I know that marriage and work would find me settling here.

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It wasn’t the easiest of cities to get to know. Having lived in Singapore for 11 years before moving here, I had certain expectations, but the city does grow on you with time. It is a vibrant, dynamic, chaotic and exciting city. It’s a great mix of urban and countryside (we have a hiking trail just behind our home!). It takes awhile to know your way around but once you know the ins and outs, the city starts to unravel its unique charm. We don’t know if this is where we’ll be in a few years but it is our Home Kong for now.

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Finding Our Filipino


Compared to folks who live further afield, I think we can consider ourselves pretty lucky. There are approximately 130,000 Filipinos living in Hong Kong and it’s a pretty active community, so finding our Filipino is probably not as challenging as it would be for others. Plus, we have 2 great Filipino nannies, so speaking Tagalog around our almost 2 year old hasn’t been too hard (though it’s still an effort!). Being active in community, church would be a good jump off point. There are a lot of events being held around the consulate and other Filipino communities organizations.

Philippine Association of Hong Kong


The epicentre of anything Filipino in Hong Kong is Worldwide House. Located in central with direct access from the MTR. You can find groceries, clothes, remittance and freight shipping (balikbayan boxes) here.

Some of my favorite things to find in Worldwide House:


Indian mango

Filipino Food_Indian Mango.JPG


Itlog na Pula (Salted Duck Egg)

And when this pregnant mum had a bad case of leche flan cravings, my brave American hubby went in search of (and found!) these amazing goodies.

Filipino Food_Avery Kakanin.JPG



Need I say more? There are luckily a few branches around Hong Kong (Central, North Point, Wan Chai, TST, Mong Kok, Tsuen Wan). The menu is not very extensive but it will solve your chicken joy and palabok cravings.

Food Trip Bedana

I’ve only eaten here once. A small hole in the wall when I was there. Not the best option in my opinion but in a pinch, it’s worth a go.

Individual caterers

Siony’s Lutong Bahay

Given the sky high rental in hk, it’s not surprising that Filipino restaurants are few and far in between. Most folks will either cook at home or order from these lovely folks. I’ve never actually tried her but she comes highly recommended. Contact her at


Philippine Consulate General

Office Hours: 9am-4pm Sunday to Thursday

AFreight  (Freight forwarders)

Tel. 2522 4253

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