Easy World Crafts: DIY Zen Rock Garden

Note: Here at Campfire Crates we intentionally pick and design crafts that are very easy to do. We want to make sure that you can easily do them with your child because we believe that the most important part of these activities is Sparking Conversation and Curiosity. So, forget the final product and enjoy the process! 

Sparking conversation and curiosity can happen every day, it just takes a bit of planning. Here is something Cricket tried with her daughter Hanna. You'll see her in our Children's Day in Japan Crate. She's making a rock garden with her Dad to spark conversations about his Japanese heritage!

Unsure how to make your own? We show you some easy steps below!


1. Grab a flat box or tray


2. Head out to nature and gather rocks, sticks, leaves and anything else might catch your child's eye

3. Place and arrange in the tray! 


Remember to Spark Conversation and Curiosity and use this parent-child activity to share some of your own Japanese cultural knowledge!


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