Easy Filipino Activities for Kids Stuck at Home

It's a crazy time but let's focus on what we can do together as a family! 

Since the kids are stuck at home, why not throw some cultural learning into the mix? We've dug up some Filipino resources for all you busy multicultural parents out there! 



Our friends at Adarna Books, one of the most trusted brands in Filipino children's publishing, have released these lovely alphabet videos. Did you know they also have e-books available online through Buri books? 

And... they just started daily lessons!


FilAm Learners

 We are big fans of what they do. Created by a mom of 3rd generation Filipino children hoping to pass on Filipino heritage and values to continue their legacy and Filipinos and Filipino-Americans. Can we say, we are both on the same mission, here!? Love her idea of integrating words and a physical craft to help reinforce the learning!

Filipino Storybooks Online 

There are a few amazing moms out there who are sharing their talents by reading Filipino storybooks online. Check out this Facebook group page to find them. 

Tahanan Books also have some on their Facebook page.

Filipino Mythology

This one is a good activity for the older kids. The Aswang Project does a great job in compiling the lesser-known myths. Find them on Facebook here

Filipino Sign Language

Learn how to say "Bongga!" in Filipino Sign Language

Filipino Worksheets


Created by a former teacher and homeschooling mom, this site is filled with great worksheet and teaching resources for Filipino. Perfect for students, teachers, parents and educators looking for support in teaching their children the language.



Here are some activities that we have tried and tested over our 8 weeks of social distancing and school closures.

Indoor Piko

Indoor Piko

We had fun with this one. Simply layout the squares with masking tape on the floor.

Clay Kakanin

Clay Bibingka Kakanin Craft Activity  Clay Bibingka craft activity kids  Clay Bibingka filipino craft activity kids

A crafty activity based on the book, Kakanin! Doesn't quite look like the sample but we made it our own... 

Langit Lupa

Play Langit Lupa! instructions here

Celebarate a Filipino Fiesta at home! 

Get ideas here

Cheese Puto

Homemade Cheese Puto

This was surprisingly easy. We used this recipe from Yummy.ph but we grated the cheese instead of using the cubes. We felt that grating the cheese integrated the taste better.

Grow Monggo Seeds

Monggo (mung beans) is a superfood and is a staple in the Philippines. Most kids who grew up in the Philippines would have likely done this science experiment in school. 

Place monggo seeds in a glass jar with cotton and water. It takes 1-2 days and they'll start sprouting! We knew we had the kids' seal of approval when he checked them and shouted "it's sprouting!".


Did we miss out on your favorite resources? Are you a Filipino educator and would like your work featured? Leave us a comment below! 


Cover Photo by Igor Starkov on Unsplash

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