How to Celebrate Japanese Children's Day

Children's Day in Japan

Kodomo no hi

  • Where: Japan

  • When: May 5

Kodomo no hi is celebrated in Japan during the spring and is a highlight of the season. It is known for the unique traditions and decorations that are associated with the holiday. It's about celebrating children and all the values their parents wish upon them. 

Similar to Christmas, families start celebrating by putting up decorations a month before. 

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Crate Extra: reading

Kintaro, the Legend

Kintaro, the Nature Boy is a legend associated with Children's Day. It is a tale of a child who grew up in the mountains. He befriended animals and rode a bear instead of a horse. He grew up to be a brave warrior. He is usually depicted alongside a koi and wearing a traditional samurai kabuto, 2 key symbols of Children's Day. His story appeals to a child's sense of adventure and inspires them with his kindness and bravery. 


Crate Extra: watching

Here is a lovely video that explains how it is celebrated in Japan!  

Do you celebrate Children's Day in your home? Tell us how you do it in the comments below! We'd love to hear your story.

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