Best Filipino Books for Preschoolers (Ages 0-2)

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Reading is a big part of our daily routine and we try to add a few Filipino books into the mix. As you probably are already aware, there is not much to choose from, and from the little we have, some of the books can be hit or miss. To save time and money for those of you starting your libraries, I've compiled a list of our favourites and where you can get them.

Happy reading! 

Where to buy


Now, the obvious place to get the books would be back home but you'd be surprised how little and meagre the selection can be in different places. I've tried a few and the best selection I've found has been in Fully Booked in BGC. So if you're planning a trip sometime soon or have relatives coming over, grab a few here. You can try National Bookstore as well but the last time I went there, the selection wasn't so great. 


If you or your family are in the Quezon City area, visit Adarna House, one of the biggest children's books publishers back home. Many of our favourite books listed below are from them. If Manila traffic is too much to contemplate, you can order from them online


Another great children's book publisher is Tahanan Books, they're main shop is located in Makati. Drop by their office and get 10% off! But if you can't make it down there, the books are also available online for delivery in the Philippines and the US. And even better news for our families in the US, they have selected titles available on Amazon (though the prices are a tad bit on the high side). 


An online shop offering a curated selection of books. I haven't had a chance to order from them yet but they have some great options! 


It's a bit hard to get information on these book fairs but they do happen once in a while. If you've got relatives back home, you might want to ask them to keep an look out for you. This is where my sister was able to get most of our Filipino books, and a great selection at that!

 It does take some time and effort to build a small library but it is worth it! My little one is especially fascinated by jeepneys, butikis and knows his kilikili from his tiyan.  


Filipino Books for Kids 0-2

Book 12.jpg


This is my personal favorite. I will happily read this over and over again. It's a simple story with wonderful use of language. It gives a great overview of opposites and directions in a way that kids can easily follow. I would love to meet the author one day and shake her hand. We need more writers like her for our kids!

A MUST buy.

Book 13_edited.jpg


Kakanin! was an early favorite for us. With its fun, colourful, clay characters and whimsical feel, my then 1 year old was very drawn to this book. I don't think he can tell his bibingka from his palitaw just yet, but he does find the book entertaining. I'd love to turn this into a cartoon someday. 

Book 18.jpg


I'll put this up there as a favourite, mostly because it is the only book I have found that showcases colors in Filipino, but I do have some comments here. I've not quite kept up with changes in the language, but the use of the deeper Filipino words here for the colors did confuse me in the beginning. They use lungtian for green instead of berde, ube for purple, instead of lila. I am sure they're using the right words for it but it did take a few readings for it to click for me.

Book 17.jpg


I love this book. A fun and simple way to learn about emotions. It covers masaya (happy), malungkot (sad), galit (angry), nagulat (surprised), inaantok (sleepy)and a bunch more.  My little one loves the galit page especially when you give it a little grr...



Good basic books to introduce letters and words. 

Book 26_edited.jpg


My son hasn't quite taken to this one but I do know it's a favourite at Cricket's house and this is what she has to say about it, One of my favorite books is "Ay Naku!" I like it a lot because it uses many action words! It is also about being antok so I usually read it to my daughter before bed time or nap. 


Book 29_edited.jpg


Rounding this list out with this funny little book. I think it could do with a bit more of a rhyme but the use of language is a joy, and any excuse to say kilikili and give a little kiliti is always a bedtime favourite. 

Do you have your own favourites? Add them to the comments below! 





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