Bali Spark Guide: Yuni

To make sure that we do our job in helping you build your child’s cultural identity as authentically as possible, we work with our international Spark Guides. They are a team of inspiring cultural ambassadors who are passionate about celebrating their culture with the world!

Let us introduce you to Yuni, our Bali Spark Guide.



Tell us about yourself. 

My name is Ni Kadek Yuni Utami, I was born in Klungkung (east part of Bali) and grew up in Denpasar city. After I graduated from Bachelor of Architecture in Bali, I moved to Bandung to continue my Master Degree in Institute of Technology Bandung and after that I moved to Singapore for work as a Senior Designer. Currently i live in Ubud after i married, my husband is an architect and together we built up an architecture consultant studio based in Ubud.  I work as a designer manager in the studio and also a design lecturer in Institute of Design and Business Bali. I am a mom from Dru Hitakara who turned 4 years old this October. 

What makes you passionate about your culture and why do you want to share it with the world? 

Balinese culture is interesting for me even for Balinese like me. It is thankful everywhere, I feel so surprised that our ancestors think that humble yet deeply grateful for the universe and nature by doing offering and praying. Like what we do on Galungan day, we thank God for the nature and food that God gives us. In different ceremonies, Balinese feel grateful to the tree, or say thank you for the knowledge (by doing offerings in school, book, or the source of knowledge). For me, it is amazing. We respect the universe, and are really grateful for them. 

What do you hope to achieve by being a Campfire Crate Cultural Ambassador?

I hope I can share Balinese culture with other kids in the world, and also my mission is to let Balinese kids more understand their own culture, learn and have fun with that.


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